Dr Filozof is Vice president and Liver Therapeutic Area Head. She is board certified in Nutrition and Metabolism and has 20 years of experience in academic roles in metabolic disorders. Dr Filozof started her Pharma career in 2004 leading development programs in obesity, diabetes and Non alcoholic Liver disease/ Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NAFLD/NASH). She has been actively involved with the NASH community since 2011, being an active member of the Liver Forum, AASLD steatohepatitis working group and EASL NAFLD group. She has published multiple manuscripts in obesity and metabolism, most recently 5 review articles on drug development in NASH. Dr Filozof joined Covance in 2014 (currently Labcorp drug development) and started building the Live group. This multifunctional group of experts has been involved in more than 25 NASH (including 2 large phase 3) trials so far, either as consultants or supporting the execution of the trials. Labcorp has enrolled more than 12000 patients with biopsy confirmed NASH in the last few years.