Dr. Bansal joined the faculty at Mount Sinai in 2001 after completing Gastroenterology Fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2002 she became the Transplant Hepatology Fellowship Director, leading one of the largest transplant hepatology fellowships in the United States.  While remaining clinically active, she had also developed an NIH-funded basic research program focusing on understanding underlying molecular mechanisms of liver fibrosis/cirrhosis in an effort to develop novel anti-fibrotic therapies.  Her current research interests focus on how HIV may promote hepatic inflammation and fibrosis as well as novel therapeutic strategies for Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH). She became the Director of Translational Research in the Division of Liver Diseases in 2013 and is the principal investigator in a number of clinical trials for the treatment of NASH. From 2015-2021 Dr. Bansal served as the Chief Medical Officer of Mount Sinai Care LLC (2015-2018), Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Mount Sinai Health Partners (2015-2021), and Vice-President in Pop Health for Quality and Efficiency (2017-2021).  In these roles, Dr. Bansal had the opportunity to translate findings from research/clinical trials to address population health needs and understand payor relations in an ever-changing healthcare landscape. In 2022, she became the Director of the newly formed NAFLD/NASH Center of Excellence at Mount Sinai where she is focused on developing a longitudinal registry for predictive algorithms of fibrosis progression and regression, sub-phenotyping of the heterogenous NASH population, non-invasive assessments of liver fibrosis, and novel population screening and therapeutic approaches.