Hello, my name is Sam Castillo. I am the HRIS Senior Director for Rush Enterprises in New Braunfels, Texas.

I am here to share my story with NASH/ fatty liver disease and cirrhosis.

My first diagnosis of fatty liver disease was in 2019 after blood work showed high ALTs and ASTs, high triglycerides and high cholesterol. An MRI scan was done to confirm the diagnosis.

I started cutting back on junk food and was able to bring the numbers down. But Covid came around and the gym visits stopped…..soon gained the weight back plus more. Getting blood work done was not easy during Covid. The numbers of my triglycerides and cholesterol had increased. By May 2021, I was dealing with back pain, feeling exhausted, high blood pressure, and dealing with kidney stones. I was feeling horrible.

In July 2021, blood work, MRI scan and Ultrasound tests proved that my liver disease was at its worst. I now had stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver and if that wasn’t bad enough, I was also diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer. I met with Doctor Steven Harrison and we talked about a plan to beat this liver disease.

I started a regimen of healthy eating habits, exercising, taking vitamin E and eating more protein. Within 6 months I lost 50 lbs. and was feeling better. This was so important for me because it also helped with the ability for me to also start a treatment plan for the Esophageal Cancer.

Today, I can report that I am now cancer free, and my liver has regenerated. My numbers in my blood work have come back to normal.
I couldn’t be happier.

I want to share my story and help others know that the ability to beat NASH/ Cirrhosis is possible by dieting and exercising.