MD, Cardiologist, PhD in clinical pharmacology (Nancy, Lyon, and Oxford). Emeritus Professor of Therapeutics at the Université of Lorraine, Past Director Division of Heart Failure and Hypertension, and of the Inserm Clinical Investigation Center, Nancy, France. Eugene Braunwald Scholar. (2019), European Society of Cardiology- Heart Failure Association (ESC -HFA) Lifetime Achievement Award (2017), European Society of Hypertension Paul Milliez Award (2014).

Faiez Zannad has pioneered and made significant contributions to research and care in heart failure (HF), building the evidence supporting modern HF therapy, including mineralocorticoid receptor antagonists, beta-blockers, SGLT2 inhibitors and anticoagulants, as well as in major comorbid conditions in HF, such as sleep-disordered breathing, autonomic nervous dysfunction, diabetes, hyperkalaemia and chronic kidney disease. He is currently steering several major HF trials. He has also a special interest in the cardiac and kidney intersections and in the science of biomarkers. He implemented successfully the largest HF disease management program in France (ICALOR).

He has served as Chairman of the French Society of Hypertension, Chairman of the ESC Working Group on Pharmacology and Drug Therapy, and was a board member of the HFA of the ESC. He is the founder and chairman of the Global CardioVascular Clinical Trialists (CVCT) Forum and Workshop, an annual international think tank meeting dedicated to the science of clinical trials, with meetings in Paris, Washington DC, Asia and the Middle East.